Employment Law


Employment law issues are a recurring concern for international and national companies, non-profit institutions as well as private individuals. This applies to both individual and collective employment law.

We support all our domestic and foreign clients, most of whom are employers, with our employment law expertise.

Certain precautions must be taken in advance to ensure that employment relationships are largely sound, including drafting employment contracts that comply with the law.

If a company needs to be restructured or outsourced, employee rights must be observed, which is made particularly difficult by the fact that staff representatives (works councils and employee representatives) and trade unions are constantly presenting employers with new challenges.

DREYENBERG advises you in particular on

  • Process management
  • Preparation of employment contracts, termination agreements and settlement agreements
  • Preparation of contracts for work and services
  • Advice on restructuring
  • Termination by notice or limitation of employment or service relationships (e.g. with managing directors) and warnings, employment references
  • Discussions with staff representatives (e.g. works councils)
  • Preparation and negotiation of works agreements

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